Walker Tower

New York, NY


The record-setting historic art-deco restoration and conversion of Ralph Walker's architectural masterpiece.


212 West 18th Street, New York NY 10011

Property Type:


Construction Type:

Adaptive reuse

Year Built:

1929, Restored 2013

Square Footage:

200,000 GSF

Number of Units:



392 ft

Exterior Material:

Brick, nickel silver, bronze, and aluminum

A lot of people couldn’t understand how to make this building work as a residential one, but I knew the bones were great.

Michael Stern

Walker Tower is the historic restoration and conversion of Ralph Walker’s architectural masterpiece at 212 West 18th Street. Originally designed as an office and switching station for New York Telephone Company in 1929, the concrete-encased, heavy-steel framed structure remained a functioning telephone building, though had long been neglected into the 21st Century. JDS converted the upper half of the building into 47 residential condominiums, expanded the upper four stories with a 50,000 sq ft enlargement, and painstakingly restored the original Art Deco ornament

Pan up the Walker Tower facade


Ralph Walker at the 1931 Beaux Arts Ball

The only other honest architect in America.

Frank Lloyd Wright on Ralph Walker

A master of modern ornament, Walker used his skills as a designer to “humanize” the skyscraper and the city itself across 50 years of practice. Working with architectural historians, JDS reintroduced architect Ralph Walker to a New York audience through a monograph, Ralph Walker: Architect of the Century and exhibit.

Tour the exhibit.


JDS preserved and enhanced Walker’s design through a meticulous restoration process.

Dedicated to preserving and enhancing Walker’s design, JDS brought Walker’s original design intent for a spired crown to fruition. Intricately angled coping stones and bricks were recast, and the original brick color (five different colors in nine different shapes) were salvaged from other parts of the building.

Walker Tower pre-restoration (2011) and post-restoration (2013)

Pre and Post Facade Restoration (2011-2013)

Nickel sunburst patterned entrance

Restoration Detail


The Penthouse at Walker Tower sold for more than 50 million dollars, setting a new record for the most expensive home ever sold in Downtown Manhattan.

By delicately balancing old and new, Walker Tower has resulted in one of the most innovative and beautiful condominium projects in the last decade of NYC. Walker Tower outperformed the market, selling at an average price per square ft of $4,500, in a neighborhood that averaged $1,700 per square ft. Challenging market data concerning unit size and mix, the team created oversized, gracious residences on the broad floor plates.

Sean Osher, CEO of CORE Real Estate, on the unique value of living in Walker Tower

Master Bath featuring a nickel tub

Living Room



  • 24-hour attended lobby
  • Lobby concierge
  • Fully equipped fitness center
  • Yoga room
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Children’s playroom
  • Library lounge with pantry and bar
  • Bicycle storage room
  • Refrigerated storage


Original Architect:

Ralph Walker

Conversion Architect:
Interior Designer:
Structural Engineer:
Mechanical Engineer: