Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, JDS is a national firm focused on acquisition, development, and construction, recognized for its architecturally significant mixed-use projects that respond to each community and push the boundaries of engineering and design.

JDS team members at the topping out celebration of 111 West 57th Street

We want to push that boundary as far as we can take it while balancing the practical and the dream.

Michael Stern, Founder and CEO


Donald Allen, Panos Androulidakis, Nicholas Antonelli, Nicole Auletta, Ashley Bohnenberger, Justin Brown, Kelly Budzik, Jasper Chen, William Chouraqui, Owen Christian, Marci Clark, David Cordova, Gabriel Darmon, Antonia Devine, Thao Eison, Robert Fini, Julieann Fogelman, Rachel Goldstein, Harry Grabow, Max Hartman, Mike Hayden, Matthew Hong, Amy Huang, Quentin Jaeger, Nithin Jayadeva, Michael Jones, Joe Krumholz, Matthew Lach, Leo Machado, Marcel Muller, Fernanda Parenti, Nadja Paton, Serena Rakhlin, Randa Ramirez, Damon Simpson, Daniel Stern, Michael Stern, John Szekalski, Mark Tartaglione, Luke Tulley, Anthony Vivelo, Sheila Williams, Katrina Yin