Building Know-How: Restoration

JDS redelivers past design and materiality to perfection in the exterior restoration of 111 West 57th Street's Steinway Hall.

It’s impossible to separate JDS as a company from our restoration work. They’re ingrained in who we are and what we’re trying to do

Marci Clark, PHD + Managing Director at JDS

In this film, “Building Know-How: Restoration,” JDS Development documents the facade restoration process of Steinway Hall, the landmark embedded in the 111 West 57th Street development. 111 West 57th Street combines the original landmarked Steinway building designed in 1925 by Warren & Wetmore, with a new adjacent tower addition designed by collaborators SHoP Architects. In this film, watch JDS Construction restore several large components of the Steinway Hall facade restoration — from the brick and limestone, to the copper roofs and double-height windows. While collaborating with original artisans from the 1920s, or tending to material with a tool smaller than a quarter, the team displays tremendous efforts to redeliver past design and materiality to perfection and fuse it with the future.