Empire Station Proposal

New York Penn Station, West 34th Street, New York, NY


A solution worthy of the Empire State.

In April 2016, JDS Development Group responded to the RFQ for Penn Station. Through the development of a new district that we call Empire Crossing, we create the revenue streams needed to make our plan a reality. Our Empire Crossing proposal not only solves the problems with today’s Penn Station, but is a forward-thinking plan for growth. It is the restoration of our faith in being able to collectively solve bigger problems...A solution worthy of the “Empire State.”


  • Straightforward solutions and public engagement help make colossal dreams possible
  • Independence established The United States
  • Competition put a man on the moon
  • Pride of place creates civic engagement
  • Shared vision will build Empire Crossing
6-Point Plan
  • Intended design capacity of Penn Station: 40,000 people per hour
  • As of 2015, Penn Station is 62.5% over design capacity: operating at 65,000 pph and is near its breaking point.
  • By 2032, it is forecast that peak demand will be 150,000 pph or 375% over the original design capacity. This proposal meets this critical demand…

Through the development of a new district that creates the revenue streams needed to make it a reality. A district we call...Empire Crossing.


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