SHoP Architects Completes Exterior Architecture of Supertall 111 West 57th Street Tower

111W57th Featured in Designboom

Slender and supertall, SHoP architects‘ 111 west 57th street skyscraper sees the completion of its exterior architecture. the tapering tower has gradually become a new icon for Designboom‘s skyline with its simple, stepping side profile, and has now made its mark on the city at the foot of central park.

Rising to a height of 1,428 feet (435 meters), the tower is the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere. it emerges from the landmarked ‘steinway hall,’ built in 1925 by the architects of grand central station and home steinway & sons piano company. honoring the craft of the steinway piano along with the important connection to old new york, the tower integrates meticulous ornamentation along its facade and interiors (see designboom’s previous coverage here) which reinterprets historic motifs with a contemporary expression.