First Look: Baltic

According to Marci Clark, a Director of JDS Development, the firm took the responsibility of building Baltic in the historic neighborhood of Park Slope very seriously. With a hand-picked team in place, they set about choosing the materials from which the project would be built, giving special consideration to the light gray exterior, which makes the modern structure feel connected visually to the rest of the neighborhood. Architect Brian McFarland, a principal with Stantec Architecture (formerly VOA) notes that Baltic is the tallest building in the neighborhood, giving its residences spectacular city skyline views, including landmarks like the Barclays Center and the Williamsburg Savings Bank, as well as plenty of natural light. Designer Hugh Owens, Director of International Design with the Canberg Group, emphasizes the importance of site and context in the design of one of the most important rooms in any home: the kitchen. Taking note of what he calls “the true fabric of the building”—the stone, wood, metal, and clay that form both the surfaces and underlying structure of Baltic, all inspired the choice of warm, walnut wood for the cabinets, and bright white marble for the countertops, while the bathrooms have dramatic, floating vanities crafted from deep black marble. Though it is tall, Baltic was designed to complement its historic Park Slope surroundings. “This building respects its neighbors,” says McFarland.