Baltic Timelapse

​Day by day, the structure of JDS Development’s project Baltic Park Slope takes its now-familiar shape on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This time-lapse video shows the labor-intensive process at high speed, illustrating how much planning and preparation is required even before the foundation is laid. As the building’s stories appear in this film, layer upon layer, the skyline of Manhattan comes into view—a reminder of Baltic’s spectacular New York City views. Yet the structure suits its architectural surroundings, as evidenced by its parity with the building on the opposite side of 4th Avenue. Baltic’s 44 luxury residences were built to last, element by element, using materials like quartz, walnut, oak, and brass, and employing all the careful consideration and painstaking craftsmanship of a prewar building. As its warm gray facade—the final step in its construction—was completed, Baltic took its place as an innovative new part of the landscape of Park Slope​.