Monad Terrace at 1300 Monad Terrace

Miami’s luxury towers rising up against climate change

Although construction of Monad Terrace has only just begun, the sales gallery for the 59-unit Miami Beach luxury condominium is now in full operation. Located on the ground floor of an office building not far from the new development’s construction site, the sales gallery consists of a model residence to give buyers a feel for what an apartment at Monad Terrace would look like. Monad Terrace is thoughtfully designed for resilience. The parking garage, placed on the ground level, allows the structure’s living spaces to rise above levels previously impacted by some of the most destructive storm surges. The glass and metal supports are also strong enough to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, and in the case that the garage does flood, pumps will remove the water. With the increasing threat of floods due to climate change, the Miami metropolitan area is in need of solutions. Monad Terrace, with its resilient structure, will set the example for future climate resilient buildings.

By The Globe and Mail

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