Miami Beach luxury towers aim to be the future of climate resilience

The sales gallery for Monad Terrace, a 59-unit luxury condo in Miami Beach, is now in full operation. To get an idea of what it would be like to live in one of Monad’s luxury residences, potential buyers can tour the sales gallery that showcases a model apartment. As Kobi Karp, the architect on-record, explains, Monad Terrace is a structure designed for resilience. The parking garage, placed on the ground level, allows the lobby and thus the living spaces to rise 11.5 feet above sea level. In addition to this, the glass and metal are strong enough to withstand a Category 5 storm, and in the case that it does flood, the garage has pumps to remove any water. Urban reservoirs, modifications to older buildings, raising residential homes, and watertight envelopes are all other methods that increase resilience. Although it seems that the design for Monad Terrace is excessively precautious, it is probable that similar storm proof towers will become the norm in 30 to 40 years.

By Herald-Tribune

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