Building Conversation: A Real Estate Symposium, 2015

On July 29th, JDS Development Group and Columbia University co-hosted their second real estate symposium, Building Conversation: A Real Estate Symposium, which took place at Columbia University’s Lerner Hall. The symposium consisted of five speaker presentations and two panel discussions, all of which explored the common theme of how to influence change in the real estate industry by recognizing the necessary personal and professional transitions. By fostering an open conversation, JDS sought to familiarize the audience with the process of design and development while elevating the rhetoric of real estate development. Some of this year’s speakers included Columnist at the New York Times Matt Chaban, Dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture Amale Andraos, Architecture Critic Paul Goldberger, Principal of JDS Simon Koster, Director of Ateliers Jean Nouvel Bertram Beissel, and many more. Over 150 students, young professionals, and academics gathered at this event to tune into the lively talks and discussions presented by the speakers.

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