1 Southside Park

1133 SW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL


A New Era of Design

Property Type:

Mixed Use

Construction Type:

New Construction

Square Footage:

+/- 2,500,000 GSF

Number of Units:



67 Stories


Under Construction

1 Southside Park is a mixed-use project in Brickell, Miami, conceived as a new urban gateway to the Brickell neighborhood. Imagined by JDS Development Group working with SHoP Architects and James Corner Field Operations, the project brings together market-defining residential, commercial, office, event and wellness spaces; a world-class hotel with food and beverage outlets; and vibrant public arenas. As part of the Brickell Rapid Transit Zone, the project will include access to public transportation, direct connection to the Brickell Backyard, new facilities for Fire Station No. 4, a reinvigorated Southside Park, and numerous other public benefits.

Southside Park

Celebrating and enhancing existing park programming

The proposed design celebrates and enhances the existing programming of beloved Southside Park; it adds multiple defined dog parks, seating areas, water features, opportunities for public art, playgrounds for different age groups, a new basketball court, and active programming such as movie nights and community sports events. The historic schoolhouse, Miami’s first high school from 1905, will also be reprogrammed as a resource for the park and neighborhood. The design preserves the beautiful, mature Banyan trees and densifies the existing canopy with new trees. The park also provides direct access to Brickell Backyard, a corridor of green and active public spaces. 

The enhanced design of Southside Park will open up new accessible entries with the adjacent neighborhood and provide a direct connection to The Underline’s Brickell Backyard and the Metrorail, providing a connective thread for the community, both physically and socially.

Isabel Castilla, Principal, James Corner Field Operations

Within the canopy of majestic Ficus trees and new lush tropical gardens will bring a new image to the park, inspired by its South Florida setting.

Isabel Castilla, Principal, Field Operations


A series of stacked and shifted volumes with outdoor rooms and paseos

The tower is composed of a series of stacked and shifted volumes that purposefully breakdown its scale. The shifted volumes offer open spaces between them; these “outdoor rooms” start at the ground floor with a pedestrian “paseo”, or passage, that connects pedestrians to Southside Park from SW 2nd Avenue.


A semi-circular perforated screen system, or "brisesoleil"

The façade of the building is a semi-circular perforated screen system that provides shading and privacy while also evoking playful fabric. This brisesoleil is employed throughout the design in varying patterns and densities; the distribution is based on the program behind the screen, and also serves to break down the massing to human scale.