Interview: Jean Nouvel on Monad Terrace

Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel has teamed up with the New York City real estate developers at JDS Development Group to create Monad Terrace, a luxury residential project taking shape in South Beach Bay. Monad Terrace is Nouvel’s first foray into Miami real estate, but the acclaimed architect has carefully studied the city’s spirit and natural environs in crafting his designs. Discussing the project, Nouvel characterizes the architecture of Monad as a kind of “alchemy,” in which water, plant life, wind, and air all converge to create a seductive built environment. The reflecting pool at the center of Monad Terrace’s two interconnected glass towers, and the tessellated façade, which resembles a honeycomb, are offered in vibrant contrast with Miami’s traditional art deco aesthetic, reflecting instead the city’s timeless natural beauty and tranquility. “We are alone with the water on one side and the boats alone with the vision of the ocean, but you never see the neighbors,” says Nouvel. “It’s total privacy.”