Condo Developers Prefer Midblock Projects

There’s a reason many New York City real estate developers are focusing their attention on midblock properties. Michael Stern of JDS Development Group is following the trend by building his latest high-end residences on a block of West 24th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues rather than erecting a new structure on a corner or…

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Walker Tower 212 West 18th Street by JDS Development Group & Michael Stern

Walker Tower Sees First Flip for Near $3 Million Profit

Walker Tower, a JDS Development Group project originally designed by famed Art Deco architect Ralph Walker in 1929, combines state-of-the-art amenities with unobstructed views of New York City. Walker Tower broke records when one of the previously purchased residences was put back onto the market at a $2.9 million increase over the initial buying price…

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