Jean Nouvel: Sustainable Architecture of the Future

Pritzker-prize winning architect Jean Nouvel has designed the new Miami Beach luxury condos at Monad Terrace to be sustainable, contextual, and one-of-a-kind. “Every façade is unique, corresponding to a different sun exposure,” Nouvel says: “inside, each apartment has its own strategy and a singular blueprint.” This sensitivity to the natural world extends to the 14-story building’s innovative exterior, which surrounds a lagoon and has a hanging screen lush with vegetation on one side. According to Michael Stern and Simon Koster of JDS Development Group, who built Monad Terrace, this idiosyncrasy and imagination is precisely what makes Nouvel such a rare talent. “With him, no two buildings are ever the same,” says Koster. Monad Terrace was built with climate change in mind, and its resilient design means that it sits at the new, revised flood elevation of Miami. Nouvel’s approach is to combine aesthetic pleasure with practical problem solving, and responding to what he calls the genius loci, or “the spirit of the place.”

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