The Louvre Abu Dhabi, 53W53, and Monad Terrace: Jean Nouvel on Starting over from Zero

Jean Nouvel is the Pritzker Prize winning French architect behind man of the world’s most iconic contemporary buildings, including the Louvre Abu Dahbi, the Cartier Foundation, and Torre Agbar. In an interview during Art Basel, 2016, Whitewall met with Nouvel to discuss Monad Terrace, the architect’s first building in South Beach, developed by JDS Development Group. Nouvel dubs Monad Terrace “the reflection machine,” playing on Miami’s identity and climate of light and sea. Nouvel used water as a mirror to reflect light, which is further reflected on the honeycomb facades. This is paired with vegetation and gracious, unique residences that relate to the lagoon and the water beyond. Nouvel explains, “the ambition is for architecture to always be a gift.”

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