Restoring Historic Lobbies in Luxury Buildings

Top real estate developer JDS Development Group restores historic prewar buildings with contemporary residents in mind, and founder and managing partner Michael Stern believes the best way to create grandeur in such renovations is to build upon original elements, with a strong focus on reconditioning grand entrances. The most recent JDS renovations, at Stella Tower and Walker Tower, offer prime examples of restorations that effectively preserve the essence of a bygone era. Both are works of architect Ralph Walker, who helped shape the New York skyline in the 1920s.

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Condo Developers Prefer Midblock Projects

There’s a reason many New York City real estate developers are focusing their attention on midblock properties. Michael Stern of JDS Development Group is following the trend by building his latest high-end residences on a block of West 24th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues rather than erecting a new structure on a corner or sprawling avenue. “Buyers want to be on the midblock because they want the privacy, and they respond to its distinctly quieter, more residential feel,” Stern says.

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Walker Tower 212 West 18th Street by JDS Development Group & Michael Stern

Walker Tower Sees First Flip for Near $3 Million Profit

Walker Tower, a JDS Development Group project originally designed by famed Art Deco architect Ralph Walker in 1929, combines state-of-the-art amenities with unobstructed views of New York City. Walker Tower broke records when one of the previously purchased residences was put back onto the market at a $2.9 million increase over the initial buying price after just one week.

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