5 Years After Sandy, New York Rebuilds With The Next Flood In Mind

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, New York City real estate developer JDS Development Group incorporated key lessons into the design of the American Copper Buildings, a new pair of luxury apartment towers on New York City’s East River. In an interview with NPR Radio/WNYC, JDS principal Simon Koster explained, “It’s about just building more or less the same building as you always do, but just placing things a little bit differently or being a little bit more thoughtful about what those materials are.” For the American Copper Buildings, this included devoting the 48th floor of the west tower—a prime penthouse apartment location—to five backup generators able to supply emergency power to the 761 apartments. “You would have enough power to charge your phone,” Koster said. “You’d be able to keep food in your refrigerator, at a bare minimum. You would be able to flush your toilet and you would have an elevator that goes up to the floor you live on.” JDS believes that these becoming important selling points for future residents in the context of climate realities.

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